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  • If I fail a course, can I perform a different one?

    Sure, the www.bluesgrowth.eu courses are completely independent. You can pass each course independetly of the result reached in the other courses.

  • Which are main topics of www.bluesgrowth.eu courses?

    There are three courses: the first one deals with security and safety in maritime professions, the second one is related to coastal and cruise tourism, and the third one deals with fisheries and aquaculture management.

  • This course is “official”?

    This is a course that has been compiled in different EU countries by professionals of enterprises and professors of Universities working on the Blue economy. Though you don't obtain an official certificate of one University, you can get one certificate of attendance of each module of the course.

  • Do you get a certificate after course completion?

    Yes. You can get a certificate if you pass the quizzes.

  • Can you connect with students form around the world?

    Yes, you can interact through the BLUES forum with people from all around the world.

  • What is the Blue Economy?

    The world bank defines the Blue economy as: “the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods, and jobs while preserving the health of ocean ecosystem."

  • Can we use the course material to perform course woks with students of our schools?

    Yes you can. There are 9 free modules that you can use to teach different aspects dealing with the Blue economy.

  • Do we have to pay for this course?

    No you don't. This is a free course funded by the European Union.

  • Can I get the certificate both in English and in the language in which I followed the course (e.g. Greek/Spanish/Latvian/Bulgarian)?

    Yes. Inside the www.bluesgrowth.eu gateway you can find three independent courses, and you can get a certificate for each one provided you pass the quizzes for all the modules of each course.

  • Do I get one certificate per course, or one certificate for the three courses in total?

    Participants will receive a certificate after the successful completion of each course. Therefore, if a participant completes the three courses, she/he will receive 3 separate certificates.

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