Multiplier Event in Nicosia 11 June 2019

Enoros Consulting Ltd organized the Multiplier Event of the BLUES - BLUe growth
connects European Seas project so as to raise the visibility of maritime sectors and
support an integrated approach to maritime affairs. The event was addressed to carefully
selected and targeted stakeholders to bring together professionals working in blue
economy sectors, wishing to develop their competences, VET Participants, unemployed
people, as well as students searching for education in the areas of blue economy field, to
better promote the project and ensuring their participation in the sustainability of the
project. The overall aim is to foster communication between the two sides and the uptake
of the use of the BLUES One Shop Portal and the e-learning Training Courses of the
It was attended by over 20 participants. In view of engaging participants and making the
most of their presence, BLUES held an event of 2,5 hours, including a theoretical part,
i.e. presenting the BLUES project and tools/ training courses, and complemented by an
interactive part, i.e. presenting BLUES new innovative “One Shop Portal’’ tool.
In particular, following a warm welcome by the organizers, the BLUES project and
training courses were presented in detail focusing mainly in One Stop Shop Portal, while
questions by the participants were addressed


Tue Jun 11, 2019


Nicosia, Cyprus

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