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MCB is an NGO, established in 2007 in Varna and involves SMEs from different fields of maritime industry, associations (Bulgarian ship owners Association; Bulgarian Association of Ship Brokers and Agents and The Industrial Association-Varna), Universities and R&D Centre mainly acting in the maritime field. Maritime industry is one of the region’s core economic sectors, providing about 15% of district economy revenues. Some of the biggest Bulgarian companies, related to the shipbuilding, ship repair and navigation are located in this region. MCB consolidates the efforts of all sectors of the maritime economy in Bulgaria. The Cluster catalyses the creation of favourable conditions for development and enhancement of the competitiveness of the blue economy by introducing new organizational, product, market and technological solutions, training, implementation of best practices, as well as for its promotion at national and international level. The MCB’s actions in recent years were mainly focused on promotion of the Cluster by initiating national and international forums related to current maritime issues, which are organized in collaboration with local and European partners. In its capacity of member of European Network of Maritime Clusters (ENMC), MCB participates regularly in the annual meetings of the network and all activities, aiming the enhancement of the Blue Growth. The Cluster is focused on the workforce in Blue sectors. A learning center for training personnel, employed in marine logistics and trade operations (Simulator) was established, used for learning/training purposes as well as for moulding, estimation and control the work on projects for organization of specific transport chains in the liner and tramp ship. A representative of the organization has been selected to work in the Blue skills Expert Group at the European Commission, aiming to overcome skills gap. MCB is implementing projects related to the strength the entrepreneurship and the innovation capacity of maritime companies as well as to attract young people to make Blue carriers.

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