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The Municipality of Piraeus is situated in the Attica Region in Greece and constitutes the third biggest
municipality and settlement in the country, with a total population of around 470.000 citizens. Piraeus is
a port city, located within the Athens urban area. It is the biggest and most important port of Greece,
one of the biggest ports of the East Mediterranean coast and an international commercial hub,
providing services to ships of any type and size, while offering unique advantages because of its strategic
position and infrastructure. According to the strategy expansion planning of foreign investors, Piraeus
port would be among the world's 30 largest container ports by the end of 2018.
Piraeus ranks among the largest cruise ports in Europe, receiving close to a million cruise visitors it is the
largest cruise port of the east Mediterranean region. The main asset of Piraeus as a cruise port is its
dedicated infrastructure: there are currently 9 to 11 simultaneous berthing positions (depending on ship
size) for cruise ships.
Economic activity related to the maritime sector is dominant in the City of Piraeus. The greater area of
Piraeus is home to a significant number of companies and organizations that participate in the maritime
activity of the country. Piraeus blends in practice two influential frameworks, the “Quadruple helix” (4H:
Government, Academia, Industry and Citizens collaborate together to drive structural changes) and the
Triple Bottom Line (TBL: Business, People, Planet). The 4H helps Piraeus to establish a dynamic learning
network for innovation as an interaction between several stakeholders, while TBL accelerates the
network to achieve positive impacts in all three bottom lines. The Piraeus municipality, acknowledging
that intermediation and facilitation towards new economic models by forms of risk taking and market
correction is crucial, facilitates the reach out to wider audiences.
The Municipality of Piraeus has wide experience and participates in a lot of activities related to the Blue
Growth. Such activities are the organization of the European Maritime Day in 2015, to raise the visibility
of maritime sectors and support an integrated approach to maritime affairs, the EMD 2015 conference,
which attracted a record number of participants from the European maritime community and brought
together over 1300 participants to discuss about the potential of the blue economy, and the
organization of an Innovation and Growth workshop during the European Maritime day 2017 in the UK,
to allow exchanges with innovative local initiatives providing support to maritime start-ups in the Ports
of Piraeus (BLUEGrowth Initiative) and Rotterdam (PORTXL).




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